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Identifying Human Trafficking Tattoos

Much like how farmers brand cattle, many times, human trafficking victims will be coerced into getting tattooed as a way to signify that they belong to a certain pimp/trafficker. Identifying tattoos related to human trafficking can make it easier for us to help intervene and provide assistance to these victims. Tattoos used by traffickers can vary by region. You can check with your local law enforcement agencies to inquire about the potential of tattoos identified as common in your community." National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Partners

OTM Skin and your purchase support local survivors and bring awareness to end human trafficking. A portion of each full-priced purchase goes to our Community Tattoo Removal Program.

This referral-based program was created to empower local adults and youth, by removing human trafficking, ex-gang, and job-hindering tattoos. Our goal is to reduce trauma, recidivism, and violence by increasing self-esteem, employment, and opportunity.

See our full tattoo removal and skin care service menu below to find a treatment that fits your needs.

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