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It's Our 3rd Birthday

Our passionate and mission-driven small business turns 3 years, young today.

As we share in this grand celebration with you, here's a look back on memory lane highlighting some of our favorite moments these past years and the learning lessons that have made us stronger!

Hope you enjoy and also feel more inspired in your goal-setting and goal-getting journey, we thank you for your support and we will continue to strive for your success!

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OTM Skin's 3-Year

Golden Birthday Anniversary Reflections

  • After years of groundwork, we took a grand leap of faith and launched our small business. This moment was for sure one of the scariest and most exciting of moments for us to open our doors the day after a state-wide COVID-19 lockdown. There were so many takeaways from this journey but if we were to highlight one of the greatest lessons learned it would be to never underestimate the potential for growth- even when in doubt, stay golden and keep pushing!

  • Keep your eyes on your goals, and also keep all your dreams in focus. Our 3rd year anniversary wouldn't be as sublime without the powerful moments of our philanthropic efforts together with our community! In addition to successfully making life changes with our tattoo removal and skin care services, we have also surpassed our Community Tattoo Removal goal in the number of adults and youth we have served to date and will be adding a non-profit to help more local adults and youth.

  • Lastly, as small business owners, the biggest piece of advice is from the tv show Big Brother, and the catchphrase said by Mrs. Julie Chen and that is to always "Expect The Unexpected"! Life happens and has its ups and downs but always keep your dreams and passions alive.

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