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Love Your Skin & Mother Earth

You can do your part to conserve the environment and to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle simply by switching to products that use natural ingredients and sustainable practices too.

Eco-conscious cosmetics and skincare companies create products with natural, organic ingredients that will make you look and feel just as beautiful as those made from synthetic ingredients, but without harming the environment.

What Are We Washing Down the Sink?

First of all, when you use skin care products, whether we’re talking about cleansers, moisturizers, or makeup products, you’re going to wash them off eventually.

With traditional products, we don’t know what we’re flushing down the drain. When you wash away natural, organic ingredients, you’ll know that you’re not introducing anything harmful back into the ecosystem.

Are You an Animal Lover?

Next, sadly enough, a lot of large cosmetics companies still test their products on animals. This cruel behavior may be legal, but it is immoral. When you purchase natural products, you can look for labels like “Cruelty-Free” and “Vegan.”

You’ll know that your product wasn’t tested on animals before it got to you and that it’s completely safe to use without ever having harmed another living being.

Sustainable Packaging

You’ll also notice that the manufacturers of more eco-conscious, natural products are also more conscious of how they package them. Instead of using excesses of plastics, they use minimal packaging with more recycled materials.

Plus, their dispensers and bottles are almost always recyclable and/or reusable, as well, giving you yet another way to decrease the size of your carbon footprint while enjoying healthy, beautiful skincare and cosmetics products.

We all know that we have to make changes and improvements to our lives and the products we use to preserve the Earth for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. As a small business, OTM Skin is a part of this growing movement toward a greener, more sustainable lifestyle by switching treatment products and protocols that use natural ingredients and sustainable practices.

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