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The Self Made Madam C. J. Walker

OTM Skin is celebrating Black History Month and sharing our admiration for the self-made Madam C.J. Walker “the first Black woman millionaire in America.”, her entrepreneurial spirit, and the wonderful beauty products that are still available today.

"Madam C. J. Walker became one of the most successful African American entrepreneurs of the early 20th century by creating a line of extremely popular hair care and beauty products for African Americans. She also helped other women succeed as an educator and philanthropist."

Driven to make real changes, OTM Skin is impacting the community with our low-cost Community Tattoo Removal Program. A portion of any full-priced purchase goes to this referral program to help our youth and adults in re-entry, ex-gang, job rehabilitation, and survivors of human trafficking. We also, specialize in customized skin care services to fit all skin types, textures, and concerns. You can be assured that we will always strive for your success!

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