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Skin Care Services

We offer a variety of skincare services to meet your specific needs.


Refresh your skin by removing dead skin cells and fuzz for a smoother texture, and brightened skin tone.

Chemical Peels

Exfoliates and sheds dead skin cells for a brighter complexion, texture and newer, tighter, and healthy skin.  

Facial Services

Enhance Stimulates circulation, flushes toxins, moisturizes, and stimulates collagen production.


Exfoliates and clears dead skin from the pores to prevent breakouts, leaving your skin clean and healthy. 

Carbon Laser Facial

Cleanses toxins from the skin while brightening, tightening, stimulating collagen and rejuvenating the skin. 

Lash Services

Enhance natural lashes with Lash Bomb lift and curl for a lifted curl, darker, and fuller lashes.


Stimulates collagen and elastin to improve overall texture, acne scars, and pore size. Nourishes the skin.

Active Acne Laser Facial

Clears bacteria toxins from the skin while brightening, rejuvenating and controlling excess skin oils.

Brow Services

Enhance brows with Lash Bomb customized tints and lamination for darker, thicker, and bolder brows. 

Professional Treatments You Can Trust


To schedule an appointment for services please contact us.

Services and consultations are by appointment only.

Please view and fill out forms for services you are interested in.


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