Our Team


Dr. Lisa Amerine 

Medical Director

Dr. Lisa Amerine has been with OTM Skin since September of 2020. She is the medical director and owns Pure Center of Health. She specializes in naturopathic medicine and continues to further her education.


Natasha Baldivia

Aesthetician/Laser Tech

Natasha is the owner of OTM Skin and provides all skincare and tattoo removal services. She is a licensed paramedical esthetician with over 18 years of experience. Natasha has an extensive background specializing in tattoo removal, SMP, and skincare, including treating anti-aging and acne skin.  She is passionate about skin as well as serving others through the company's community tattoo removal program.


Zoe Martinez

Zoe has been with OTM Skin since day one. She assists with all of OTM Skin's office needs and helps things run smoothly. She is a college student attending UNC (Colorado) and is passionate about furthering her education, teaching, and skincare.